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MusicNewsDaily Reporter Among Artists Honored

Angie Riccio receives Young Artist Award

May 7, 2005


Everyone knows the Golden Globes, and of course, The Oscars, which honor great actors worldwide.

Many people within the industry have said for years that there should be a special category for young performers -- but there just isn't any.

So young actors must go up against veteran actors like Robert Di Nero and Meryl Streep, year after year, which doesn't seem fair.

That's why twenty-six years ago Maureen Dragone founded The Annual Young Artist Awards. Dragone is a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and became bothered by the fact that Hollywood seemed overanxious to recognize seasoned performers for many different awards while leaving deserving younger talent in the shadows. The Young Artist Awards celebrates youth in all fields of entertainment from movies, to music, to television and journalism.

photo of Raven Symone
Angie with Raven Symone

The winner of this years' Michael Landon Award for "Contribution to Youth through Television" was Raven Symone. We all watched Raven grow up on The Cosby Show, and later on That's So Raven.

I asked Raven to tell me what this award means to her, and she said, "Well I served as an ambassador for the secretary of Sate, Collin Powell's Children First Program, and I spoke on behalf of the National Safe Kids Campaign, which is a program encouraging home safety for families. I've always been very concerned for the welfare of children everywhere, so it's truly an honor to be recognized with this award for my efforts."

photo of Christina Schmidt

Angie w/Christina Schmidt

One of my favorite shows on TV is Deggrassi. Most teenagers worldwide love this teen drama series, and I'm no exception. Deggrassi deals with many of the real life problems that teens seem to go through. One of the series' most interesting characters is "Terri" played by Christina Schmidt, who won a Young Artist Award for her role in the show.

I asked her how the character of Terri compares with the real life Christina. "Well, we're actually nothing at all alike. Terri is kind of insecure and shy, while I really love just being myself."

She told me the secret to the show's success is the chemistry between the actors, who are actually great friends in real life. Christina has real charisma and she's a talented actress, very deserving of this award.

Among the award shows I've been to in the past -- this one was really special. Many of the young talent at the ceremony received their first award of their careers, and there's something special about the sincere gratitude they all displayed.

One of those young people receiving their first award at the ceremony was me!

I received the Outstanding Young Entertainment Journalist Award, and it truly was a great honor.

Bob Magid at The View gave me, as a twelve-year-old girl, a shot to fulfill my dream as an entertainment journalist in his community newspaper.

Later, the Long Beach Press Telegram, a sister publication to the View, and MusicNewsDaily.com, helped expand my coverage to the vast number of readers who make it possible for me to continue the work I love.

I truly enjoy my work, because, after all, like the title of one of my columns -- I'm really just a girl who is "Star Struck."

photo of Angela Riccio
Angie and Award

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